The KEF Board of Directors and the Burns family have committed to complete the development goals for the Kasimu Schools as a memorial to Mary, who developed them. These goals were consistent with the UN’s Millennium Development Goals. The KEF goals primarily support the villagers to develop a self-sustaining educational system by January, 2018 and which will enable them to maintain the Kasimu education system without the financial support of KEF.

In order to accomplish this goal the following objectives are proposed for 2015.

·         Develop an irrigated agricultural project which will meet the demands of the schools food program and produce additional income to support education. This project will be implemented by the students of the Kasimu Community Day Secondary School (KCDSS) on a six acre plot near the school as part of the agriculture element of their curriculum. A drip-irrigation system is proposed, with water from the nearby small river to make maximum use of water from this limited supply. Where only one crop is produced per year through dependence upon rain, which is increasingly unreliable due to global weather changes, an irrigation system will enable the growth of three crops per year with obvious food security and economic benefits. This will be a demonstration which we believe will be adopted by many of the villagers when the increased production is observed.  Estimated cost to implement this project is: $12,700.

·         Construct six homes for KCDSS teachers. It is proposed that KEF fund the construction of a principal’s home and five duplex teacher’s homes to meet housing needs when all four grades of the school are in operation. Currently there are no available homes for these teachers in the villages, and they must travel over five miles each day to the school. In the rainy season travel to the school is not possible, even with the bicycles which KEF has provided to all teachers. Estimated cost of six homes: $126,000

·         Construct a building to provide science, library/computer, and home economics programs. The ability to provide this curriculum is a requirement of secondary schools which is not available without this additional structure. Estimate cost: $25,100

·         Purchase four rocket stoves. Three rocket stoves used to prepare the daily meal for Kasimu Elementary School students for the past 7 years (800,000 meals provided) must be replaced. These stoves use 90% less wood than traditional cooking methods. A new rocket stove is also needed for the proposed KCDSS daily food program. Estimated cost: $4,000

·         Maintain Education Support: KEF will continue to support the education programs such as:, teacher stipends, teacher aides salaries, preschool teacher salaries, school food program, secondary school scholarships, and other miscellaneous programs which are specified in the attached itemized budget document. 2014 cost: $27,643.