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If you would like 100 percent of your donation to go to the children of Kasimu,
please send your check to KEF, 1667 Springer Road, Mtn. View, CA 94040. 
It will save KEF the PayPal fee.

All donations will be acknowledged with a letter confirming that KEF 
is a valid 501(c)3 charity
and that the donation is tax deductible.

Your tax deductible contribution can fund:
            A scholarship for one student for one year -        $300
            One-year training for teacher certificate -             $600
            A two classroom school building                       $18,000
            One teacher’s house                                          $10,000 
            Food program for one year                               $16,000

If you wish to contribute to this worthy cause, please send a check to:
            The Kasimu Education Fund
            1667 Springer Road
            Mountain View, CA 94040