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about KEF

THE KASIMU EDUCATION FUND (KEF) is an all volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded to promote educational opportunities for the children of Kasimu Elementry School in Malawi, Africa.

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KEF plans to continue the operational support of the educational system at the Kasimu Elementary and Secondary Schools and develop the self sufficiency of these programs.

Prior to reducing support it is proposed that certain capital improvement and operational programs will be completed. These include

The construction of two additional secondary school buildings,

The construction of 10 secondary school teachers’ houses,

The construction and operation of a grind mill and internet café powered by a solar/wind electrical system. This will eliminate the women having to carry 20 pounds of maize to and from a mill nine miles from Manyesa three times a month.

Develop an irrigation system to improve agriculture and the local economy.

It is proposed that a maize grind mill and an internet café will be constructed and operated within two years to reduce the cost of maize milling, provide cell phone and internet service to the villages. Proceeds from this operation will be used to fund school operations.

Secondary school building construction  $18,000 each
Teacher houses  $10,000 each
Maize mill/internet café (structure and equipment  $29,000